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Thursday, January 04, 2007


I trust that we all stuffed ourselves with turkey , mince pies , cake and booze over the festive period , & that we are ready for the challenges that lie ahead in '007 ?? Good luck to everyone !

My 2007 began by watching the mighty Reds do a number 6 job on Bolton. The Kop, Main , Anny & Kemlyn Road stands gave Mr. Diouf a warm and hearty welcome ,which was nice to see.

Alas, my vocal chords got a severe bashing when Crouch and Stevie G hit the onion bag in quick succession. This was to become a handicap later on , when during a marathon karaoke session , i sang like a MacDonald brother at his peak , whereas my fellow songsters performed liked 3 Leonas and 3 Rays ! A very enjoyable evening , and , as always , thank you ! :-)

It looks like we're in for a 5 nil drubbing in Sydney , unless we can duplicate the Headingley heroics of '81. KP is well qualified to play the Botham role , though realistically i fear that the parts of Messrs Old and Dilley could remain vacant. :-(
Well done to George Bush ( sorry ..... Ricky Ponting! ) and his boys for winning the little urn back . He's made a right Pratt of us , just as we did of him at Trent Bridge last year!

Have a good 'un everyone !!!

Friday, December 22, 2006


Just another brief message to wish everyone in cyberspace , a great xmas and new year.

I want to read lots of good news and gossip on our Blogs & Message Boards when i get back here on the 2nd !

Cheers !



Thursday, November 30, 2006

" THE C - WORD "

No , not THAT word , . . . Christmas !!!!

As far as i'm concerned , i only start to take a remote interest in the upcoming festive season when there is a "d" in the month, and the most enoyable part of said year is the giving and receiving of presents.

Given a blank sheet of paper to write down some of my yuletide gifts and wishes , a few of them would be :-

1. An end of year trip over to Oz to see the Melbourne and Sydney test matches ; win , lose , or , draw .

2. A DVD recorder of some description . I've been traipsing through websites , shopping channels , and proper shops for most of this year looking for the right one. Can i find one ? Can i chelsea !! One day maybe , when Liverpool next win the Premiership perhaps ??

3. A miracle weight loss cure . In my late 20s , i managed to lose around 70 pounds over the space of a couple of years or so , due to the guidance of a good weekly slimming class , my mum's sensible cooking , little or no alcohol ( that was a bugger to stick to ! ) , and sheer bloody will power.

Now , in my mid 40s , it is naturally more difficult to shift the weight which has been stuck around my midriff for several years now , so much so that for Will power , now read Phil - The - Power !!

With the advances that science has made , i pray that i can one day pop a pill , then watch the flab return to the taut , rippling muscles of my youth . One day perhaps . . .

Well , that's some of my fantasy wishes ; what would my fellow bloggers like for christmas , real or imaginary ??

Thursday, November 23, 2006


I've just noticed that a certain message board on a certain national website is closing down next week.

Not before time , in my opinion . . . . .

Shut the door on the way out , will you mods ?

Wednesday, November 22, 2006

" THE NAME'S BOND . . . . . . UNIBOND . "

A lot has been publicised recently about that bit where Daniel Craig is walking out of the sea in his undercrackers , to the delight of the women close by . Jealous ? You bet !

If i tried a similar stunt , the camera would need to go into super-mega-widescreen to fit all of me in , alas !

I would probably be more suited to being Odd Job ( or Odd Knob , as i recall from a Two Ronnies sketch of old!) . Incapacitating people with a bowler hat would be great fun !

Which Bond Characters would our bloggers like to be ??

I took the chance to go and watch Burscough play on saturday afternon . That's the Unibond league which is a couple of tiers below the Conference .

It was like watching my home town team however , as half of Burscough's squad were ex Southport players , not to mention the manager and his assistant !

It was an entertaining and enjoyable afternoon, with the 'Port Old Boys winning 3-2 . A shame that strikers on mega bucks wages couldn't hit a cow's arsenal with a banjo , later on that day at the Riverside . . .

Wednesday, November 15, 2006


No, i'm joking !

Just popping into work for a day , in between watching the box a lot, a bit of walking , some much-needed snooker practice , & sod all else , to be honest.

I am loathe to think about all things to do with the "c" word ( not THAT one Sarns , i mean christmas ! ) until december at the earliest. Why some people start to plan their xmas festivities twelve months in advance , is beyond me.

With Sean Long and Marcus Trescothick having to abandon their respective Aussie tour parties recently, i might try to absolve myself of blame when i lose my next snooker match , blaming the loss on one or more of :-

the lights were too bright

i was wearing the wrong glasses and couldn't see straight

the table was warped

the cue ball had mercury in it ( try playing a whole frame with one of those and you'll convince yourself that you're hissed ! )

my cue was spiked.

As for the weekend's football :

Preston got a good point at Southend , Southport weren't playing so they didn't lose , and err ... Liverpool were flying Emirates rather than playing at the Emirates , i'm afraid . :-(

Stay lucky every one , & see you all on monday .


Friday, November 10, 2006

" £100,000,000 : WHAT WOULD YOU DO WITH IT ??? "

I would , in no particular order :-

Recover from the shock , then fly to Australia to watch a bit of cricket.

Be generous to family and friends.

Give some of it away to charridy.

Put my name down for a few posh executive boxes , when Liverpool FC's new stadium has been built.

Buy a house - nothing to flashy or overstated . Not my style , that.

Wait until my car gives up the will do drive , then get a new 'un.

And the begging letters ??? I'd stop writing them !!!